The House Florida Alcohol and Drug Detox Center

We understand the thought of entering a alcohol or drug detox center was overwhelming, frightening, and uncomfortable. There were a million thoughts racing through your mind.

We’ve provided the care, support, and medical attention you needed here at the The House Detox Florida campus, and made all that go away.

Top rated Drug and Alcohol Detox in Florida

We’ve been one of the most successful drug and alcohol detox centers in Florida, and have helped thousands of individuals detox from all types of substance abuse problems. Our staff helped you reach your goals in recovery, and gave you the head start you needed.

We’ve provided excellent withdrawal reduction for:

We will help you through the worst, no matter what substance you’re struggling with.

Why you chose The House South Florida detox center

You are unique, and The House Detox recognized it. We cared about every individual that has walked through our doors, and have designed our drug and alcohol detox center to provide you with hope as well as a safe, comfortable environment to begin your journey. 

Our program is effective because:

  • You were treated on an individual basis
  • You weren’t just a number to us
  • You received a medically assisted detox
  • We walked with you every step of the way
  • Your experience here was made as comfortable as possible
  • You were treated with dignity and respect
  • You were able to relax and focus on getting healthy

You noticed our staff was compassionate and interested in who you were. We helped you by creating the most effective and safe treatment plan taking all the factors of your life into consideration.

At The House Detox you succeeded! You walked out and into the beginning of a happier, healthier more successful recovery road!

Sobriety is right around the corner, usually 5-7 days away. It’s attainable, and we are going to love helping you get there.

What is medical detox?

Withdrawal symptoms often cause great discomfort, both physically and emotionally, and sometimes even death. Medical detox is designed to manage withdrawal symptoms through medication, decreasing intensity and duration.

We help to minimize any pain, discomfort, or emotional instability that may come during the detoxification process. Our methods are safe, comfortable, and effective. 

You’re unique, So is your treatment 

The House Detox understands that you are your own person, with your own personal needs. Someone who comes to our facility for alcohol dependence, will be have a treatment plan different than a patient who is dependent on heroin.

Even people who come to our Florida detox center for drugs and alcohol with the exact same substance abuse issues, may be treated in a unique fashion. The reason for this, no two people are the same, and this is very important to remember when providing treatment.

We assess each individual, creating the most effective treatment plan possible. This is how we begin to care for you and your personalized needs. Our medical detox process provides a safe environment allowing withdrawal symptoms to be minimized.

What can you can detox from?

We treat all alcohol and substance dependencies. Our medically-supervised detox programs allow you to detox in a safe, comfortable manner.

Withdrawal symptoms can be highly dangerous, and we would like to ensure the safest transition as possible. The professional staff at our detox center in South Florida will not only make you feel comfortable; they will create the safest environment possible.

It is important to be supervised by certified, caring individuals. These procedures are only facilitated by registered, professional, medical staff.

If you are struggling with any substance of choice, please do not hesitate to call. From the moment you speak to us, we will begin a treatment plan to meet your needs. We want to see you get well comfortably.

We are committed to you

Your full recovery is an amazing opportunity, and we are dedicated to getting you there. We make a commitment to each individual, providing them with the best possible care. An stay in an effective drug detox center in a South Florida environment will increase your chances of success. Florida detox centers offer the most relaxing, serene atmospheres to overcome whatever you have been struggling with.

No matter what substance you’re using, or how long you’ve used it; we are here for you every step of the way. Our staff cares about you, encouraging the positive choices you make.

Once you take that first step, we will guide you through the rest of your journey. The House detox center in Florida will keep you safe, comfortable, and hopeful.